What Is Project 10K?

We are not an incubator or an accelerator or a software development firm or a venture studio or anything that you are thinking about right now. Project 10K is your Co-founder that will build, scale and sell your tech company with you along with an ecosystem of other tech founders who are committed to transforming their idea into an exit.

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We Mean It !

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The Project 10K Team, Infrastructure, Partners, Changemakers, Ecosystem And More Will Propel Your Company To Year 7 On Day 0!

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The Project 10K Story…

After outsourcing software development and investing 2 years and $2 million into my first tech company only to scrape the platform and start over because the first version completely missed the mark, I committed my life as an entrepreneur to make the technology industry safe.

Jared Yellin

Founder of Project 10K

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We Know It Takes A Village To Build, Scale, And Sell 10,000 Tech Companies In 10 Years Which Is Why We Constantly Ask For Support From Our Partners

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