The Project 10K Story

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It didn’t matter what anyone told me. They could believe in me, naysay me, watch me, or join me. I did not care what was deemed possible, improbable, or completely insane. All I knew is that I felt called to co-author the most impactful story in the history of entrepreneurship – Build, Scale, Sell 10,000 Tech Companies Over The Next 10 Years!

Jared Yellin

Founder of Project 10K

Project 10K Is A Story Of Resilience, Commitment, And A Never-Ending Pursuit Of Optimal Potential

Project 10K Is A Story Of Resilience, Commitment, And A Never-Ending Pursuit Of Optimal Potential


As a non-techy tech founder, Jared Yellin launched SYNDUIT with the vision of building the simplest marketing software which is pre-populated with content for every major industry.

July 2011

Jared Yellin realizes that he doesn't have enough clarity of what the platform would do so he begins to sell his skill set as a performance-based copywriter and acquired his first two high-profile clients.

August 2011

Jared Yellin produces $6.2 million in sales for his two clients and they tell everyone about his abilities which led to exponential growth for the marketing agency.

January 2012

SYNDUIT has hundreds of agency clients, a large team, huge office, and is extremely cash-flow positive, but Jared Yellin realizes this is a means to an end and it’s time to pursue his vision for the simplest marketing software in the world pre-populated with content for every major industry.

December 2012

After interviewing 12 software development firms throughout the United States, Jared hires a company based out of Boston who said it would take 10 months and $750,000 to build the first version of the software. Jared commits and fully self-funds the platform.

February 2012

The first version of SYNDUIT is complete and Jared visits the Boston HQ to watch a demo of the platform, only to learn the software development firm miscalculated what it would take to complete the build and needed another $1.5 million and 18-months. Although Jared did not know what this meant at the time, he committed to make the software development industry safe. 

In addition, Jared meets MANI SOUNDARARAJAN who became the most trusted person on his software development team after moving from India and living on the end of the street of Jared’s original office in Englewood, NJ.

February 2012

Jared ends his relationship with the Boston-based software development firm and invites Mani to become his CTO at SYNDUIT.

February 2014

Jared and Mani begin building their own software development team in the US, Canada, and 12 people in India as they begin to completely rebuild the SYNDUIT platform for scale.

March 2014

Jared and Mani launch a company based out of India in order to employ the current team and to accelerate their recruiting efforts. The purpose of the company in India was to exponentially improve the quality of life for each team member.

January 2017

The acceleration begins at SYNDUIT now that the team was established and the journey begins.

March 2017

Jared realizes that he is officially obsolete at SYNDUIT and begins thinking about his next big move. This is the moment when he felt called to make the technology industry safe. This is the moment when the moonshot was born. This was the moment he declared he would build, scale, and sell 10,000 tech companies over the next ten years. 

He calls MANI SOUNDARARAJAN and Katie Vold (now Monasmith) and invites them to co-author the most impactful story in the history of entrepreneurship and journey officially begins.

April 2020

CILA Labs (now Project 10K) was born.

Project 10K becomes the co-founder for entrepreneurs from around the world who have a tech idea written on a napkin (concept) or a minimal viable product (prototype). As the co-founder, Project 10K builds the necessary team from their existing employee base consisting of product managers, engineers, sales experts, customer support representatives, branding geniuses, copywriters, graphic designers, digital marketers, growth hackers, bookkeepers, operations managers, and so much more.

July 2020

Project 10K onboards it’s first 7 entrepreneurs since its inception and begins to solidify the team, processes, and structure to make the moonshot a reality shot.

December 2020

Grant Cardone, legendary real estate investor with a $4+ billion portfolio, learns of Project 10K and makes his first tech investment into the holding company with the desire to support the moonshot. 


Grant also launches 10X Incubator Powered By Project 10K as the first official licensed partner

August 2020

Jared Yellin launches 10X Tech Tank (now called What’s On Your Napkin) which is the #1 Daily Livestream where entrepreneurs from around the world pitch their tech ideas with the hope of being accepted into the Project 10K due diligence process. The show has millions of views almost immediately.

November 2021

CILA Labs begins the rebrand of the company to Project 10K.

January 2022

Project 10K launches many additional licensed partners with thought-leaders from around the world who have the burning desire to democratize the technology industry. View a full list of our current Partners.

February 2022

Project 10K launches 100 Changemakers as the first investment round for the company where 100 of the RIGHT people are invited to invest $100,000 each (min and max) to obtain one of the 100 seats.

100 of the RIGHT people can solve any problem through their knowledge, relationships, and capital.

Meet our Changemakers 

March 2022

Over 15,000 entrepreneurs from around the world have applied to work with Project 10K and 130+ companies have been co-founded. Get ready to watch history in the making. 

Build, Scale, Sell 10,000 tech companies over the next 10 years!

April 2022

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