Project 10K Has A Very Exclusive Referral Opportunity Which Will Enable You To Build A Tech Portfolio Without Any Investment

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Very Exclusive Referral Opportunity For Incubators, Accelerators, Venture Funds, Software Development Firms, Influencers, Universities, Non-Profits, and More!

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Project 10K Has A Very Exclusive Partner Program For Individuals Or Organizations With Influence Over Entrepreneurs With Ideas

If You Are Accepted, You Will Have The Greatest Offer In All Of Entrepreneurship For Your Community!

The Greatest Referral Offer
EVER Just Landed In Your Lap

From: Jared Yellin, Founder of Project 10K

Subject – Cash + Equity Offer!

Hello Potential Synergistic Partner,

I’m not sure how you found this page, but I am happy you are here and I am excited by the possibilities.

I asked my team to include this short note because this OFFER is 100% unlike anything you have been invited to do yet.

  • It’s an offer that will NOT cannablize any other offer you make.
  • It’s an offer that WILL make you an extraordinary amount of money.
  • It’s an offer that ALIGNS with your desired outcome in entrepreneurship
  • It’s an offer that CREATES a deeper bond with your audience than ever before.

The offer is what I call – Tech-Co-Foundership and there is NO other company that you will ever find besides Project 10K that can make this offer.

RIGHT NOW there are 100’s to 1,000’s of people in your community who have a tech idea written on a napkin that will most likely die with them because they will NOT know where to go with this vision.

WHAT IF they could come to you because of your partnership with Project 10K and as a result you get CASH + EQUITY simply for making this connection?!?!

I am 100% open to doing whatever you think will work to connect with your audience whether it’s webinars, live events, podcasts, emails, social, livestreams, etc. so that YOU and I can prevent great ideas from ending up in the graveyard.

Let’s do this…

Get on a call with me and we can collectively decide if a synergistic partnership makes sense.


Click here to schedule

I am pumped to discuss!

Live with Intention,

What Is Project 10K?

Project 10K has unlocked the code to driving risk and cost out of software startups, and is now poised to empower thousands of new tech entrepreneurs to launch their dream business, regardless of age, race, gender, experience or technical skills – by bringing the experience, capital and proven launch model to the SaaS app space.

We are on a mission to build, scale, and sell thousands of SaaS companies in the next 10 years, while ensuring each has the support to achieve $10,000 of profitable Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) in the first year of operation.

By combining a world-class software development team with a field-proven go-to-market and sales team, Project 10K is poised for an unprecedented level of growth and success.

Add easy access to business financing, legal support, and business consulting, our partner companies have an unfair competitive advantage in the marketplace.

When We Say Co-founder, We Mean It!

The most exciting offer you can make is one that has the potential to transform generations while ensuring that the person who accepts the offer is provided with the exact resources to guarantee they leave nothing on the table in this lifetime.

- Jared Yellin
Founder of Project 10K

You Will Make More Money + Have More Fun With Our Offer Than Any Previous Offer Ever!

We believe in cash and equity as the greatest offer for anyone accepted into our exclusive community of strategic alliances. 

Our baseline offer consists of…

$1,500 Cash + 1% Equity In Each Company Co-Founded Because Of Your Effort But This Is Just The Beginning!

You CAN earn additional equity in individual companies, case-by-case, if you decide to get more involved besides making a connection via any of the promotional activities we listed above.

Just picture this for a moment…

You do a webinar and get 100 people to commit to go through the Project 10K Co-founder 

Process and 20 of them get accepted into the Validation Challenge.

This is how your compensation will work:

Company #
Development Commission
Value At Exit
Equity Payout

Your total income from that ONE webinar will be $1,112,000

When was the last time you earned over $1,000,000 from a webinar where you were referring people to an offer that someone else was delivering on?

YES, the greatest offer in the world stands before you!

PLUS, You Can Earn More Equity!

Project 10K has created a linear and predictable path for tech companies which is tied to key revenue milestones along with a discipline around budgeting to ensure the company is always in a strong position for growth. As a partner, you have the opportunity to work with the Project 10K Growth Team to customize a program where you get more involved at whatever milestone makes the most sense based on your skills and resources in exchange for more cash or more equity or both.

Company Setup

Work with our talented team to come up with a name and then we will incorporate the company and issue all legal documents to secure our partnership.

Bank Account

We will set up a company bank account so that all revenue is collected and accounted for as we demolish our KPI and validate our company together.


Work with our go-to-market team to build your brand based on our famous persona exercise so that we can have an identifiable logo that makes you proud of what we are building.

Product Management

The north star of every great tech company is the product manager who understands the “in’s and out’s” of the product and ensures all milestones are met.

Go-To-Market Strategy

The difference between success and failure in tech is go-to-market and you will have the opportunity to work with our talented strategy team to define and execute on the plan.


Direct response marketing copy leads to conversations and all of our writers are trained experts in this skill and will deploy their ability on behalf of your company.

Success Manager

Your success manager is guaranteed to be your best friend because they have optics into every aspect of the experience to ensure all parties are delivering as expected.

Business Analyst

Constant and never-ending market research and validation testing is a must in order to ensure we are on the right track to hit our KPI and then build, scale, and sell the company.

Software Development

This is where the rubber meets the road as our software development team builds your vision within 60-90 days so that we can validate the company and go for the exit.

Relationship Capital

Our rolodex is your rolodex PLUS we work with you in order to expand your relevant relationships so that we can create massive acceleration quickly when ready to launch.

Promotions To Project 10K Ecosystem

When it’s launch time we will be ready to promote our MVC (Minimal Viable Company) throughout our entire ecosystem so that we can support in demolishing the KPI.

And So Much More!

YES, sooooo much more including Project 10K University (Validation Challenge Module), tons of collaborative training, and most importantly…a whole lot of FUN!

The reason why 9.9 out of 10 tech companies fail is because they don’t have the right team, they don’t have the right KPI to validate, they don’t have the right tech, and they don’t have the right strategy. When we co-found a tech company TOGETHER, you will gain access to everything that is needed to validate, build, scale, and then sell the company TOGETHER!

What You Can Expect As A Partner?

Step 1

Planning Call With Growth Team

Step 2

Creation Of All Assets Including Webinar Kit + Pitchathon Kit

Step 3

Let The Promotions Begin

Step 4

Receive Monthly “New + Exciting” Assets

Step 5

Monthly/Quarterly Synch With Growth Team To Align

Step 6

Get Cash + Equity In Every Company You Bring To Project 10K That Is Accepted!

Project 10K Is The Home Of The IDEA And We Are Honored To Partner With You So That TOGETHER We Can Co-Author The Story Of Entrepreneurship While You Build A Tech Portfolio

We are committed to building real partnerships with the right people and organizations who align with our mission of democratizing and decentralizing tech entrepreneurship.


Founder of Project 10K

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