Project 10K Has A Very Exclusive Referral Opportunity Which Will Enable You To Build A Tech Portfolio Without Any Investment

Do You Lead a Community of Entrepreneurs With Tech Ideas?

Increase Retention, Engagement and Wealth From Profitable SaaS Apps For Your Community !

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Project 10K Has A Very Exclusive Partner Program For Individuals Or Organizations With Influence Over Entrepreneurs With Ideas

If You Are Accepted, You Will Have The Greatest Offer In All Of Entrepreneurship For Your Community!

Introducing Project 10K

Project 10K is a hybrid Venture Studio / Incubator / Accelerator that partners with and invests in new, SaaS/Tech Startups with founders tolaunch their dream business, regardless of age, race, gender, experience or technical skills – by bringing the experience, capital and proven launch model to the SaaS app space.

We’ve  unlocked the code to driving risk and cost out of software startups, and is now poised to empower thousands of new tech entrepreneurs to do the same.


We are on a mission to build, scale, and sell thousands of SaaS companies in the next 10 years, while ensuring each has the support to achieve $10,000 of profitable Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) in the first year of operation.

By partnering with our  world-class software development team and our  field-proven go-to-market and sales team, your clients and members with tech ideas can be positioned for an unprecedented level of growth and success.

When combined with our easy access to funding, legal support, and business consulting, our partner communities have an unfair competitive advantage in the marketplace.

You provide the community, we provide:

The most exciting offer you can make is one that has the potential to transform generations while ensuring that the person who accepts the offer is provided with the exact resources to guarantee they leave nothing on the table in this lifetime.

- Jared Yellin
Founder of Project 10K

Our Partners Earn Cash + Equity + A Second Chance With Each Referral


Universities Corporations Member Organizations Relevant Non-Profits


Incubators/Accelerators Masterminds Software Dev Firms Entrepreneur Groups


Social Media Speakers Authors Thought Leaders


People/Organizations With A Strong Relevant Network They Want To Serve With A Completely Different Offer


Anyone With A Love For
Entrepreneurship And Has
Access To People With Tech Ideas

What Is A Second Chance?

Project 10K has created a linear and predictable path for the tech companies we co-found, investing our own money along with theirs. Our SaaS business operating system ties key revenue milestones to expense  budgeting,  the company is always in a strong position for growth. As a Project 10K partner, you have the opportunity to  be as  involved as your skills, desire and resources – earning more cash, more equity or both

Company #
Development Commission
Value At Exit
Equity Payout

Your total income from that ONE webinar will be $1,112,000

When was the last time you earned over $1,000,000 from a webinar where you were referring people to an offer that someone else was delivering on?

YES, the greatest offer in the world stands before you!

What You Can Expect As A Partner?

Step 1

Planning Call With Partnerships Team

Step 2

Creation Of Personalized Assets Including Webinar Kit + Pitchathon Kit

Step 3

Promote to

Step 4

Monthly/Quarterly Synch With Growth Team to Update Marketing Assets

Step 5

Get Cash + Equity For Every Accepted Company You Refer!

Engage Your Community. Increase Their Income, Engagement and Wealth - Along With Your Retention While Building Your Own Portfolio of Tech Stocks You Co-Own With Your Members.

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We are committed to building real partnerships with the right people and organizations who align with our mission of democratizing and decentralizing tech entrepreneurship.


Founder of Project 10K

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