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We are co-authoring THE story of entrepreneurship by democratizing the tech industry
and proving that the RIGHT person with the RIGHT idea in the RIGHT market and with the
RIGHT business model only needs one final piece to make it - THE RIGHT TEAM!”

Jared Yellin

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A Letter From Tiffany Schoonmaker

Director of Marketing
For Project 10K + Creative Catalyst For Jared Yellin

Hello Potential Press Partner,

Our answer is YES!

YES, we will contribute to your publication.
YES, we will participate in your podcast.
YES, we will share from the stage.


One of our basic creeds at Project 10K is that there is no stage too big or too small, no audience too mature or too new, and no opportunity too relevant or too irrelevant for our story.

When you commit to a moonshot as significant as ours – Build, Scale, and Sell 10,000 Tech Companies in 10 years – you need this message to reach every person on the planet in order to build a movement of people who care.

Plus, our spokesperson, fearless leader, and a man I am honored to work with every hour of every day, Jared Yellin, is guaranteed to blow your mind whether it’s through an interview, writing submission, or a presentation. 

His ability to captivate an audience is truly unmatched and I am honored, in advance, to say YES to whatever opportunity you share with Project 10K.

Let’s DO this!

Together we achieve more,

Tiffany Schoonmaker

No Stage or Audience Too Big or Too Small

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